You would think it wouldn’t matter what type of jewellery you can wear. That it wouldn’t matter what type of hair colour you have, you can just wear any kinds of accessories out there. And in reality, of course it wouldn’t matter. However, fashionistas and other people who are particular about this sort of thing would disagree. There are certain jewellery to wear depending on what colour of hair you have.

Here are the kinds of accessories you should be wearing.


Blondes necessarily don’t need to choose anything particular since they look good in just about anything. However if you want to really stand out and have some really attractive contrasts, then go for blue ones, like a blue topaz or sapphires. Any gemstone that is on that shade basically. Markschneiderdesgin says that blondes look great in green ones too and maybe some orange ones if you’re feeling particularly bold. The latter will give off a healthy glow.


Brown-haired beauties can choose anything they want and they will still look great. They would look especially great if they wear some blues too, like the blondes, and maybe even some stunning purples and deep reds. The best thing about being a brunette is that you would look great in almost anything without even trying. Your hair is common therefore you have a lot of things to choose from that won’t get in the way of how you want to look.

Black hair

Having black hair is very common as well. This is basically a great base to start on and if you have eyes the colour of either blue or grey along with light skin, then you would look best with cool stones. I’m talking about numerous kinds of diamonds, pure rock crystals, violet amethysts, light-blue aquamarines, noble blue sapphires and stunning blue topazes. Thejewellersmarket even suggests golden ones for the darker skinned ladies.

Gingers and redheads

Your fiery red hair is going to attract so much attention. You either make yourself pop even more or you want to tone it down just a bit, it’s up to you. If you want the former, then opt for dark greens and deep blues. They will make you look absolutely stunning and amazing. I would personally go for the dark greens since green matches red and orange way too perfectly. For the latter option, of wishing to look tamed and less provocative, go for silver and white gold. They will emphasize your bright appearance all on their own without you having to go sparkly. Most of the time though, wear neutral colours.

Be that as it may, just because I suggested some of the things you ought to consider, you should know that you are equally just free to wear whatever it is that you want to wear. No one is really stopping you and no matter what, you would look beautiful in anything anyway.

This is what these blog posts should be saying to women around the world who has to rely on products all the time. Girls, you’re beautiful and you don’t necessarily need anything to stay beautiful. That’s fact.