When it comes down to engagement rings, everyone wants something that suits them, looks stunning and represents their love and bond. Having a splash of colour to your diamond really helps to drive this symbolism home as colour psychology means each shade has a different meaning.

Now only can colour give a completely fresh look and feel to a wedding band or ring but it can give it deeper meaning. Keep reading if you want to discover how to select the best colour for your ring and for your relationship.  

Choosing a Stunning Coloured Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

Natural and fancy coloured diamonds can be a rare and beautiful thing. If you want to move away from the traditional and into a realm of possibility then coloured diamonds can be the best thing. They represent a number of different meanings and have been popular for centuries by the rich and powerful.

It’s good to be aware that fancy colour diamonds come in an array of cuts, clarities and carats. This means that once you decide on your shade you can then personalise the ring further and get it looking and feeling exactly how you envisioned.

Top Tip: The more vivid the colour, the more intense it is and these are the most rare and highest priced on the market.

Now we will discover some of the colour meanings so you can be confident with your choice and know exactly which shade is for you.

  • Argyle Pink Diamonds – these are beautiful and amongst the rarest of diamonds. They come in a range of intensities and scream elegance and beauty. The Argyle Diamond comes from Western Australia and represents a deep trust and a lifetime partnership.
  • Yellow diamonds – yellow stones and very popular and in demand. Similar to the brown shade the in how they are formed, they represent hope and happiness.
  • Brown diamonds – a champagne or coffee diamonds represent stability and lucidity.
  • Green diamonds – Greens may come in an array of shades and varieties so you have a lot of choice in this area. The green colour symbolizes nature, a strong bond and abundance.
  • Blue diamonds – blue diamonds are very rare and can be seen to represent a spirituality, loyalty, honesty, peace and lasting connection. This moreover becomes a wonderful stone to represent a strong bond of someone just getting married.

As you can see there are several colours and diamond shades that carry multiple meanings. Once you look beyond the colour you can begin to see the deeper meaning and connect the dots to your own relationship. This can really enhance the meaning behind any wedding band or engagement ring and bring a personal touch to your diamond.