When it comes to choosing your wedding rings there are different aspects of your lifestyle that you should consider before deciding which metal to use. Many different types of metal can be used, and they each have different properties and different costs, so you will have to research each one individually to choose which one is best for you. You can get plenty of advice on choosing a wedding ring on the hitched.co.uk website, and below is a breakdown of the most popular types of metal used for wedding rings.


Platinum has overtaken gold as the most popular metal for a wedding or engagement ring, and this whitish metal is strong and durable, as well as also being rare. If you lead an active lifestyle, then this metal could be a good choice for your rings, and it will not fade or change colour over time. It also has hypoallergenic properties, so it is excellent for people with allergies, and it is excellent for setting diamonds making it a popular choice for diamond wedding rings.

Yellow Gold

Gold is still a popular choice, and overall is still the most common metal for making jewellery. The price for gold can vary due to the purity of the gold with 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, and 22ct rings available, but it is important to note that the purer the gold is, the softer it is, meaning that it can get damaged and out of shape quickly. To counter this, you can always opt for white gold!

White Gold

White gold is a mixture of pure gold and other metals such as silver or palladium, which gives it much stronger properties. It is cheaper than Platinum and has a similar look, but white gold is usually coated in rhodium plating, which after a while may need to be re-plated. It is easy enough to get the ring re-plated, and you can also opt not to have this plating when you purchase your rings from reputable jewellers.


Palladium is an excellent durable metal that is low maintenance and comes from the platinum family of metals. It has a white colour to it and does not tarnish or ever need re-plating unlike other metals, and its low price compared to Platinum makes it a popular choice. If you are looking for a wedding ring that is durable and hardwearing, then palladium could be the perfect choice for you.


Titanium is also increasing in popularity for a wide range of jewellery including wedding and engagement rings. It is a metal that is incredibly strong and light in weight and has a darker colour to it that platinum or palladium. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, then this metal is also hypoallergenic so it could be an excellent choice of metal to use for your wedding rings.

For more information on the different metals and their properties for jewellery, take a look at the jewelrywise.com website.