Some of the most significant jewellery you will wear in your life will be your engagement and wedding rings, so it is essential that you take care of these to keep them looking like they are still brand new. There are a lot of home remedies when it comes to cleaning jewellery, and you can see some of the most popular ideas to do this by clicking here. However, some of these ideas may not be good for your jewellery so you below are some things that you can do to keep your rings shining like thee day that they were first put onto your finger.

Take Off Your Rings

If you want to keep your wedding and engagement rings in top condition, one of the best things that you can do is to take them off while performing specific tasks or chores. If you are a sporting and active person, whether you are running, playing hockey, or any other type of sport, take off your ring and store it safely which will help to stop dirt, grime, and sweat from building up on the ring. When you are using cleaning chemicals at home or in your place of work, you will also want to remove the rings or wear protective gloves as the cleaning agents can dull the shine of your rings. When you go to bed at night, take off your rings and place them on your dressing table, which will also help to keep them in excellent condition.

Somewhere Safe To Store Your Rings

You will also want to have somewhere safe to store your rings when you are not wearing them. Ideally, you will want a jewellery box that can be closed to prevent dust from getting to your jewellery when you are not wearing it. When you purchase your rings, you will often receive a soft pull string bag which you can use to store your rings if you do not have a jewellery box.

Clean Them Regularly

You will also want to give your rings a good clean now and then to prevent dirt and grease from building up. You can do this easily at home, and all you will need is a soft bristle toothbrush, some mild soap and some warm water. Add some mild detergent to the water and submerge the ring, then use the toothbrush to clean the surface of the ring softly. Make sure that you do not press down too hard and when finished dry the ring off with a soft cloth. Giving your rings a quick clean every couple of months will help to keep them sparkling as if they were new.

Have Them Cleaned Professionally

Even if you take excellent care of your rings, over time, they will still need some attention from a jeweller to get rid of any blemishes or scuff marks that they acquire over time. Pr3ferably you should take the rings back to where you purchased them, but most jewellers will offer a cleaning service which you can use to bring back the bling to your rings. Doing this every couple of years or so will keep then shining on your finger for a long time to come.

These tips should help to keep your rings shining and as bright as the day you first put them on, and you can also get advice on taking care of your diamond rings on the website.