Did you know that you can choose other metals for your wedding bands instead of just the regular golden ones? There are a lot out there to choose from that you could consider. If you’re planning on proposing to your loved one and want the wedding set to be as beautiful as your future spouse, then you can all the time in the world to choose which ones to pick.

Not everyone gets to be lucky like you, you know? So if you HAVE found the “one”, don’t hesitate when picking the perfect ring set. Go all out.


Rare, comes naturally with a white sheen and its hardness is exceptional. Most of the time it’s the popular choice because of those reasons. They last a lifetime too, if you’re looking to make sure of the longevity.


Palladium, if you didn’t know, is precious metal in white and also component of the platinum team of metals, preferred for its natural white colour which does not stain or call for re-plating. It’s budget-friendly in comparison to Platinum, and also is an excellent low maintenance, resilient metal.

White gold

White gold jewellery makes use of pure gold alloyed with various other white metals such as palladium and also silver, to produce a stunning polish and shine. White steels such as white gold provide an excellent background for diamonds. As a criterion, white gold rings are layered with rhodium to offer its dazzling white lustre.

Yellow gold

Yellow gold basically is the standard choice for getting wedding rings. A mix of copper, pure gold and silver gives yellow gold jewellery its trademark warmth. Relying on what carat you choose, the colour and also firmness of the ring will vary.

Rose gold

Additionally referred to as red gold or pink gold, rose gold includes a touch of romance to your jewellery; if you desire a ring that is typical as well as recognized then rose gold could be the metal for you. Rose gold is usually utilised in rings that are bi-coloured to balance out the extra typical yellow or white gold. Similar to yellow gold, the colour differs depending on the karat.


Silver is just one of the longest standing precious metals made use of in making jewellery. It is preferred within jewellery as it is extremely malleable and one of one of the most economical rare-earth elements. It is very important to keep in mind nonetheless that silver will tarnish and also scrape even more easily than other metals.


It is differentiated by its darker colour as well as lighter weight. Another amazing characteristic of titanium is that it is hypo-allergenic, making it best for those with level of sensitivities to wearing jewellery.


Zirconium is a grey/white glossy metal with all the same hypoallergenic top qualities as Titanium and also when it is warm treated, it creates a deep smooth black oxide finishing that is scratch resistant, referred to as Black Zirconium.