Jewellery can enhance and also complete an outfit. If you are looking for pieces that stand out, it may take a little more hunting however. When it comes to accessories, you can really go all out and make a statement. This is why when you do it right, jewellery can really make you stand out from a crowd.

When looking online or in the high-street, there can be so much to choose from it starts to become overwhelming. They key to crafting a look that stands out from the crowd is by taking time to coordinate things and knowing where to look. If you wanted to purchase fancy coloured diamonds, this can be a great way to give your look a boost and stand out. Essentially, what it comes down to is choosing jewellery pieces that lift up what your wearing and complement your personality. This is what will make your look truly unique. When searching for stand-out jewellery, follow the tips below to make a real impact.

Stand-Out from the crowd jewellery tips

1.Find your style

Everyone has their own style that’s unique and personal to them. The same can be said with jewellery. You need to meet your match and find a type or style that really suits you and expresses your personality. To hone your uniqueness, think about building up layers and combining these pieces for ultimate impact.

As you walk down the streets and heads begin to turn, you can tell your necklaces, rings and sterling silver bracelets are working their magic. Remember though that when you are combining statement pieces, not too clash or do too much. The material shades should all be matching and the colours or stones should work well together. Check in a mirror so you can gain perspective before you choose your final items.

2. Pin down the finer details

If you want to stand out of the crowd with your jewellery, its really in the smaller details. From the material of your pieces down to the seemingly ‘insignificant’ details, you start creating a bigger picture for your overall look. Whether you are going for classic, boho, contemporary or Art Deco, its crucial to find the common element in all your items.

This also helps you to match and coordinate whilst all your items work cohesively to stand out. The unique part could be anything from the colour of the gemstone to the shape of the setting itself. So, keeping the overall design patterns consistent when you mix and match can give you that ‘wow’ factor.

3. Choose something that completely stands out.

You just need that one piece that really stands out from the crowd. Once you have this winning piece that gets all the attention, you can then start building around it. You can usually tell it’s the most stand-out item as it will fetch the most comments and turn the most heads. Moreover, listen out to people’s feedback and how others receive your unique jewellery items. This can really help you tap into your unique look and search out more of those special items.

Now you have some great advice on how to create your jewellery look that really stands out from the crowd, it’s time to get building your collection.