If you have been wondering for a while now why pink diamonds are so popular, the main two reasons are to do with its scarcity and its price tag. The most popular diamonds are normally in shades of whites, browns and yellows. This means that the deeper the shade of this sought-after stone, the higher the cost and the rarer it becomes.

There is a big fascination behind pink diamonds partly because they are so hard to form. It only happens when a volcanic process occurs through the process of millions of years. Through high amounts of heat and pressure, the stunning pink diamond is born and has been worn by humans ever since. When searching for Argyle pink diamonds, you want to ensure you choose the best supplier possible. Having a merchant that is experienced, reputable and certified is very important when parting with big amounts of money. As pink diamonds are higher up the price scale you want peace of mind and confidence when purchasing. This is why finding somewhere with a solid reputation such as Diamond Queensland is highly important.

So…Why Pink Diamonds Are So Popular?

They are rare

As previously mentioned, this shade of stone is scarce and can only be found in various mines dotted around the world. Due to this level of scarcity, the demand rises as people want something extra special when buying a diamond. The largest pink diamond mine is in Australia which is potentially why Australia has built up a great reputation for stocking high quality Argyle diamonds.

There’s mystery behind them

Thanks to their unique trace elements, the pink hue is formed and continues to fascinates those who view it. Even though scientists have managed to pin the pink down to the intense pressure and compression to the stones structure, the mystery behind exactly how they get this pink shade is also unknown. Parts of that adds to the mystery and intrigue behind the diamond.

Theirs several pink shades to choose from

People also love the variety they get within the pink shades. There are several intensities to choose from and one of the most sought-after are the Argyle stones with a purple hue. When you purchase a pink diamond, you will see on its grading and certificate the exact shade of the diamond and any secondary colours.

They are highly valuable

The value of Argyle diamonds is very high compared to its competition. The beauty behind this stone is jaw dropping and the ones with a purple hue usually come with a higher price tag. Generally, the more intense the pink, the higher the price and value will be. Clarity is also important with pink diamonds so when someone purchases this stone, all 4C’S should be considered.

Now you can see a little more about why this pink shade of diamond is so popular, you can see whether it’s for you. Seeing it up close and personal in a store will also help you gage how beautiful you find the stone.