When coordinating your jewellery with your outfit, there are plenty ways you can go right and wrong. This article will help steer you in the right direction when it comes to finding the perfect accessories for just about any outfit.

If you want to complete a look; jewellery is an absolute must. The more choices you have in your jewellery collection the better it will be but either way, you can always work with what you have if you know how. Looking to grow your collection? You can always search on John Greed for the top UK jewellery brands.

As your collection grows and you add more pieces to your wardrobe, putting the below tips in place will make you a coordinating pro! As you begin to get used to the rules, you’ll start to get a feel for it and develop your aesthetic eye for matching the perfect accessories.

How to Select the Best Accessories for Your Outfit

Apparently, women will spend roughly £40,000 during her lifetime on jewellery. You want to put this money to good use and choose the right types of jewellery so you can accessorize any outfit brilliantly. Here’s how you’re going to do it.

Ensure the jewellery is fit for occasion

The jewellery you choose should always fit in with where you are going. If you’re going to work for example, you will most likely want something low-key and more minimal whereas you’ll want more costume jewellery for going out in the evening. So hanging bracelets, plain necklaces and basic bangles are great for daytime wear.

Wearing something busy? Go simple with the jewellery

If you are into your patterns and designs, you will want to simplify on the jewellery and vice versa. Whatever you wear, there must always be balance. So, your jewellery should be simple if you are wearing a detailed print in order to keep things clean and delicate on the eye. Think about plain bracelets and simple earrings instead of statement jewellery.

Think about statement earrings for the face

If you want to highlight your face and have your hair back, big powerful ‘look at me’ earrings are a must. Looking to turn heads? You will definitely want to go with something statement to draw the eye to the cheek bones and skin tone. Think about how to combine your accessories with your skin tone.  If you have a warmer shade, think about yellows, greens and oranges. A little cooler? Purples and blues will look great! How about Natural tones? Silver is pretty much your go-to.

Match colours wisely

There is an art and science behind matching colours when it comes down to outfits and accessories. Moreover, you will want to get the balance between warmer and cooler colours when you add jewellery to your overall look.

Consider the season

Matching to the season is also something great! When shopping, there are normally more seasonal ‘on trend’ shades. This means if you buy something for that season and want to choose a matching accessory, choose colours in that pallet. For example, spring and summer signal nature and being fresh. Moreover; greens, reds and blues are more prominent and should be featured more in your jewellery.

Follow these top tips to be coordinating your outfits and jewellery like a pro!