We all want to get the best value from our general clothing and if you were thinking that your winter collection can only be worn during the colder months, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can get creative and wear winter garments in the spring months. Here are just a few ideas on how to combine cold weather wear with spring clothing.

  • Combine a Winter Sweater with Shorts or Mini-Skirt – This is one way to stay warm on those chilly spring mornings, especially with an oversized cashmere sweater in your favourite shade. Wearing a sweater means you can avoid taking a jacket when out and about, and if you’d prefer a cardigan, removing it is much easier.
  • Chunky Boots & Shorts – Even if it is warming up to the point where you can bare your legs, your feet will still be cold, but wearing your winter chunky boots makes for a great fashion statement. If you want to add some colour, why not wear some leggings, which will really give you a layered look.
  • Winter Dresses – If you are on the lookout for winter formal dresses for 2020, search online for an online designer dress boutique, where you will find stunning examples, all at lower than retail prices. A warm winter dress can be worn to a formal event and with the right accessories, you will be the belle of the ball.
  • The Open Long Coat – We’ve seen the trench coats on the catwalks, and if you want to make the best use of your long winter coat, consider wearing it open, with only a shirt underneath. This is ideal when you go out in the early morning or late evening, as it will keep you warm until you find yourself indoors.
  • Roll Neck Jumper Over a Summer Dress – This is a great way to beat those windy spring mornings, so go through your wardrobe and look for those turtle neck sweaters and you can complete the look with your winter boots.
  • Denim Jacket and Scarf – Denim is always in fashion and a denim jacket is an ideal garment for those chilly spring mornings; you can wear it open or buttoned up with your scarf for that tidy look. Add some colourful Art Deco jewellery for that rugged gypsy look and perhaps put some ribbon in your hair for a complete look.
  • Sexy Anorak – If you have one of those anoraks with a fur interior, try turning it inside out to give you that classic winter look. You can wear the coat with trousers or a skirt and if you are worried about the cold, wear some leggings for extra protection.

All of the above are just a few ways that you can combine your winter wardrobe with spring wear, and if you check out the many fashion websites, you will find many more great ideas to help you combine seasonal wear.