The Various Colours Of Diamond You Can Invest In

Diamonds are available in a vast array of shades of colour, and some colours are worth more than others. If you are looking to invest in diamonds, then there are many choices available, and you will need to consider your options carefully before making your decision. Below are some of the different colours of diamond that you can consider investing in that may prove lucrative for you and a wise investment choice.

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are one of the rarest colours of diamond available, which means they are some of the most valuable ones you can buy. In Australia, the Argyle diamond mine was the biggest producer of these coloured gemstones delivering 90% of the pink diamonds available to buy to the market. However, this mine closed in 2020 with production stopped, which means there is a lot less available on the market. With increasing demand and lower supply, loose pink Argyle diamonds are an excellent investment choice.

Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are also rare, which can make them an excellent choice when investing in precious gemstones. There are many different shades of blue you can choose from, but the deeper and darker colours are considered more valuable. It is important to note that natural diamonds hold the most value, with the synthetic blue diamonds not being as expensive. As such, you will want to ensure that any diamonds you purchase come with the correct certification to assure you of their quality and origins.

Green Diamonds

Green diamonds are also rare and valuable and can often be mistaken for other gemstones to the untrained eye. These diamonds are so rare that many people have never seen a natural one. However, you can grow this colour of diamonds in a laboratory, which are available in the market for the public to buy. You will need to go to a specialist diamond broker if you are looking to purchase one of these natural green gemstones, as you will most likely not find any in our local jewellery stores. They can be an excellent investment, and because of the rarity of these precious gems, their value will increase over time.

Image Source: Pixabay

Flawless White Diamonds

White diamonds, or clear diamonds, are the most common form of diamond you see available to purchase. However, a flawless white diamond is extremely rare, and if you have the opportunity to buy this type, it may be an investment you should consider making. Unlike the coloured gems above, the less colour saturation, the better with this type of diamond, and you can get top price for flawless white diamonds if you ever need to liquefy your assets and sell them.

Only Purchase Coloured Diamonds From A Reputable Broker

Whatever colour of diamonds you are looking to purchase, you should ensure that you only buy them from a reputable source. You will want to have a certificate for each diamond that you buy which attests to its origins and quality and ensures that it does not come from a conflict zone. With due diligence and a little patience, you can make an excellent investment in coloured gemstones that will increase in value the longer you keep them.