The Most Beautiful Gemstones In The World

The most beautiful gemstones all have their roots in nature; for this reason they tend to be more expensive than machine-polished ones that come from laboratories with high production rates where human error can play its part too!

The Top Three

There are many beautiful gemstones in the world, but the top three most precious ones according to experts’ opinion are: diamond (a flawless crystal), sapphire and emerald. All these stones have been found by chance or through difficult labour efforts over centuries ago because they’re so rare that only royalty could afford them at first. Now, anyone can buy any one of these luxury items for themselves!


In addition to being precious jewels, diamonds are also used in industrial settings, including machinery. Experts say up to 80% of diamonds are mined for industrial purposes and only 20% are gem quality. Since the 1950s, man has been reproducing natural processes in laboratories to create these beautiful gems. The process can produce a beautiful stone in a matter of months. However, the process is extremely slow, and the end result is not something you’d want to wear, unlike when it is produced by nature itself.


Among the most desirable gemstones is the sapphire, which is well-known for its deep blue colour and resistance to damage. It is also one of the most expensive stones in the world, and the more saturated it is, the more expensive it is. The most famous pieces of sapphire jewellery are those that have been heat treated to enhance their colour.


Emeralds are among the most popular gems in this category. An emerald is a green gemstone that ranges from bluish green to slightly yellowish green. A stone with high saturation should be called a green beryl. An emerald can also have surface-reaching fractures and inclusions. A typical emerald is not tough and is considered a cyclosilicate.


Image Source: Unsplash

Aquamarine is an extremely popular gemstone. It is the official gemstone for the 9th anniversary. Brazil is the source of the world’s best aquamarine, and its mining is largely artisanal. This is because the Brazilian government has a ban on mechanised mining in order to protect the environment and local tribes. The largest aquamarine in the world was discovered in the 1970s in Africa.

Aquamarine belongs to the beryl mineral family, which includes emeralds, morganites, heliodor, and topaz. It is a very hard stone, with a Mohs 8 rating. If you find bubbles underneath an aquamarine, it is probably a coloured glass. A few people are sceptical about the healing properties of the turquoise gemstone, but the quality and value of this blue stone make it a valuable gemstone. While aquamarines are bluish, they can have green or pink hues. Those with blue diamonds are highly prized. If you want to buy a piece of this gem, you should look for an ethically-sourced one from a certified ethical jeweller. If you’re not sure how to choose a good quality piece of aquamarine stone, buy online from a reputable jeweller.

What is the most beautiful gem in the world? That debate has been going on for ages. Some people say sapphire, while others prefer diamonds – but there are many who think emeralds take top spot! It all comes down to personal preference; however, one thing’s certain: these precious stones can be worn proudly by anyone regardless of their social status because each represents power and wealth beyond measure.