We normally don’t go anywhere without our beloved jewellery adorning our skin. All of us also have favourites because we all have our own likes and dislikes, some even being similar to others. The thing is, while not inconclusive, your jewellery might actually signify what type of person you.

You could simply assume you’re accessorizing your preferred attire, but the pieces and placement of the fashion jewellery you select can in fact let others know certain aspects of your individuality. Don’t stress– there’s absolutely nothing bad or weird, however it is certainly insightful to discover the things your jewellery says regarding you.


If you love using big, brilliant and shiny items of fashion jewellery, whether it’s a statement locket or a ring, there are a number of points your jewellery would say regarding you. For one, you’re a bold individual who has a solid will and doesn’t mind being the centre of attention. You have a lot of self-confidence and also aren’t afraid to get out there and appreciate the world around you, whatever other individuals may think about you.

Body Piercings

As far as how these accessories and jewellery describe you, piercings a bit obvious. Getting your body pierced is a bit different than the regular ear-piercing. They say a lot about you. Individuals with tongues, brows, noses as well as other parts of the body that are punctured are sometimes rebelling the social standards, even it if it’s unconscious. Other individuals select body piercings as a means to attract attention or allow others to understand that they barely care about what people think of them. Naturally, there are likewise individuals who get them due to the fact that they just like the way they look. That claims something about your individuality as well.


If you like pearls, you likely are a classy person with elegant standards right up to a sophisticated level. That’s due to the fact that pearls are often associated with females in the retro years when a strand of pearls was the utmost stylish. They offer a touch of elegance to denims and sweaters, yet they additionally spruce up a straightforward gown or shirt also.

Art Pieces

If you tend to like artistic items of fashion jewellery, you could be a contemporary kind of woman that likes handmade things that are unlike anything anyone else is wearing. This includes large items, fabric fashion jewellery and also a lot of anything handmade. You probably take pleasure in making things yourself as well as mirror that by going for the other things other people made too.

Layered Jewellery

If you like to layer lockets or arm bands, you could be subconsciously trying to attract eyes to parts of your body that you like, like maybe your neck line or your wrist. It makes sense since all that precious jewellery stands out so much that people won’t look at your self-proclaimed flaws. As a matter of fact, putting on great deals of bracelets can offer you a slimmer appearance, so go ahead and stack them up.