Back when I was a kid, I thought headbands were just the colourful plastic things we put on our heads to keep hair out of our face. I remember some even have tooth on them to brush your hair back properly and to keep them pinned there. Now, I see all these fabric that girls have been using as headbands and some don’t even properly pin back hair. Some are just tied around their foreheads and then call it fashion. I call it bandanas.

Oh how the times have changed. Or maybe that’s just me being ignorant. Either way, don’t expect some of these headbands to do its job. Most of them are just there to make you look pretty and accentuate your hair more. Which, if that’s what you were after, is actually not that much of a big deal then.

Ponytail headband

This one is basically a bandana that has a hole at the back for your hair to go through. It keeps hair out of your face, which is a plus. It’s on the sporty side of fashion.

Turban headband

This isn’t even a headband. This is just a piece of cloth tied up to your head to make it look like a turban-like bandana. Depending on who you’re looking at, this can keep hair out of the way or it doesn’t.

Knitted winter headband

Like we previously said, headbands are in this winter. These knitted winter headbands are cosy and help your ears get the warmth they deserve. So it’s an ear-warmer as well.

Faux Braid headband

It’s in the name itself, this style is made out of faux tied into a braid. So if you wear one, it looks like you braided your hair clipped it at the sides. It definitely adds more to your look.

Embellished headband

This is more of a jewellery more than anything. It’s like a necklace, except it’s on the top of your head like an ornament. So, yes, it’s more jewellery than a clothing item.

Woven headband

These are the types of headbands I was talking about. The ones that is mostly being tied around your head so it’ll stick to your forehead. It’s meant to be shown so make sure you pick a nice one.

The Polka Dot headband

It’s a headband but the fabric is polka dots. Enough said.

Floral headband

This is my favourite. It’s more of a flower crown than a headband, and it’s absolutely glorious once worn. You’d feel like a beautiful fairy or a goddess if you wear this. I might be biased because I like flowers, but this is definitely the best.

Velvet headband

It’s similar to the piece of cloth you tie around your head and pass it off as a headband-bandana hybrid. Except it’s velvet.

The Scarf headband

It’s supposed to be a wrapped around your neck but some genius thought it would look good on your head. And they were right.

Bowknot headband

It’s a headband that I mostly see cleaning ladies wear.

Black Satin headband

It’s a headband made of black satin. Simple enough.

The Alice headband

It’s a cute headband that makes you look like you’re an unwrapped present.

Glitter / Sequins headband

It’s basically everything here except it has glitter and sequins on them.

Golden Laurel headband

This is what gods and goddesses wore back in the good ol’ days.